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Lab Test: DIC Work-up


DIC Work-up




2 FULL LIGHT BLUE TOP tubes & 1 LAVENDER TOP tube.  Panel includes: PT, PTT, FIB, TT, D-Dimer, Platelet count, and a Pathologist interpretation.

Outreach Notes

Two aliquots of FROZEN citrated plasma, 1.5 mL each (from two FULL light blue top tubes, 3.2% sodium citrate anticoagulant). Plasma to be frozen must be "platelet-poor” (platelet count <10 K/µL) because plasma contaminated with significant numbers of platelets may yield different analytic results after thawing, due to lysis of platelets. Centrifuge capped specimen tube at a speed and time required to consistently produce pletelet-poor  plasma (platelet count <10 K/µL). Use a swing-out bucket rotor.  The centrifugal speed and duration must be established by each laboratory but the most common conditions are 1500g for no less than 15 minutes at room temp. Transfer plasma from both tubes to a plastic tube, mix and separate into 2 plastic aliquot tubes. Freeze immediately. Specimens frozen >3 hours from collection are unacceptable.                                                                                Lavender tube for Platelet Count should be transported at room temperature.

Special Instructions

Mixing studies are performed if PTT or TT is abnormal.  Additional assays performed at discretion of pathologist.  Do NOT refrigerate BLUE TOP tubes for coagulation testing.


Test performed 24 hours/ 7 days.

Ref Interval

Pathologist interpretation

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