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O2Sat - Blood Gas
Oak, IgE
Occult Blood, Gastric
Occult Blood, Stool
Olanzapine (Zyprexa)
Oligoclonal Bands
Opiate Compliance (Drug Compliance Panel)
Opiate confirmation - urine
Opiate confirmation - urine forensic 6- acetylmorphine quantitation
Opiate screen - urine
Organic Acid Screen
Osmolality, Fluid
Osmolality, Serum
Osmolality, Serum (Calculated)
Osmolality, Urine
Osmolality, Urine (Random)
Osmotic Fragility, Erythrocytes
Other %
Ova and Parasite Screen
Ova and Parasites, Stool Concentrate and Permanent Smear
Oxalate, 24 hr Urine
Oxalate, Serum or Plasma
Oxcarbazepine (Trileptal)
Oxidents-Urine Adulteration Screen
Oxycodone screen -urine
Oxycodone, Serum

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