Point of Care Testing Documents

IHIS Policies and Tip Sheets

General Policies / Procedures and Tip Sheets

  • Laboratory Guide to Services: Standards for Acceptable Clinical and Anatomic Pathology Specimen Collection
    • Includes information about: Specimens & Collection Procedures, List of Blood Collection Tubes, General Guide for Urine Collection, Midstream, Clean Catch Urine, Random Urine Collection, 24 Hour / Timed Urine Collection, Collection of Arterial Blood Specimens, Collection of Blood Culture Specimens, Collection of Blood Specimens by Venipuncture, Collection of Blood Specimens by Capillary Skin Puncture, Collection of Specimens for Microbiology Culture, Collection of Specimens for Neisseria gonorrhea / Chlamydia trachomatis By Amplified Detection, Collection of Specimens for Tzanck Prep/Direct Examination for Herpes Simplex and/or Varicella Zoster, Collection of Fluids, Specimen Collection for Pathology and Cytology Examination 
Downtime Policies and Procedures


Please contact laboratory compliance for any other laboratory policies and procedures. All current documents are controlled through Q-Pulse.